Selling Sarasota

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No episode this week due to surgery.

March 20, 2019

For anyone new to our show, recently we had an episode explaining Shelley's battle with breast cancer that started in June 2018, four months after we started this podcast.

Here is a link to that episode: Shelley's Battle with Cancer

The great news is that she is cancer free after her first surgery last October and follow up exams and treatments.  We got the final word that she is free and clear with no need for chemo or radiation treatments.  Tomorrow morning is her final surgery to complete the reconstruction process and with all the preparation at work and home, we just didn't have time to record and produce an episode of decent quality.

Shelley's recovery is estimated to take 2 weeks or so during which time I will be posting some previously recorded content and we are making plans to rework the show in May.

Please keep Shelley in your thoughts and prayers.