Episode 20

Published on:

29th May 2018

020 Behind the Scenes

Highlights from this episode

  • Ed gets a promotion to co-host - (1:05)
  • Please turn off your notifications while we record - (3:01)
  • Upcoming changes to the show - (3:15)
  • Worst advice about podcasting ever - (6:38)
  • Why we chose Libsyn to host our podcast - (18:10)
  • Best advice about podcasting ever - (40:29)

Behind the scenes interview with Ed Panas - (5:55)

Since starting our show we have been getting more questions about how to start a podcast so today Shelley interviews Ed about the equipment, software, and acquired skills he used to launch our podcast.
  • Zoom H6 digital audio recorder
  • Sony MDR 7506 studio monitor headphones
  • Behringer XM8500 condenser microphones
  • Microphone cables
  • A bunch of foam panels for the studio walls.

Some of our favorites - (24:03)

Shelley's favorites
  • Shell & Tell - answering questions from our listeners.
  • Our interview with Nick Bailey - the new CEO of Century 21 Global.
  • All of the new activities she gets to try out like going to Myakka State Park and taking a class at FST Improv.
  • Interviewing local experts in the real estate industry. 
Ed's favorites
  • Our bonus episode the week we launched "We love podcasters" - especially the Valentine's Day plans questions.
  • Interviewing my parents who have lived in The Villages since 2002 about their experiences as late in life home buyers.
  • All the awesome food and drinks we enjoy as part of The Local Flavor - more sushi and tacos please!

Interview with our podcast coach - (31:30)

A few weeks ago Ed took a mini roadtrip with Niel Guilarte, the owner / operator of Wild Style Media while cruising down I-4 from his studio in Apopka to a Florida Podcasters Association meeting in Tampa.  Niel is an audio engineer and audio/video editor with a ton of experience who also works as a podcasting coach to help people launch their shows. Ed and Niel used this time to record interview segments for our show and Niels (All Things Post).  This is just a short piece of their conversation.

Bonus - a few clips from our favorite episodes - (44:00)

  • Gunner Davis - Century 21 Beggins Enterprises LWR
  • Jennifer Martinez - Guarranteed Rate Mortgage Tampa
  • Ed's mom & dad
  • Coffee at Jo Ann Koontz's office - Koontz & Associates
  • Interview with Nick Bailey - CEO of Century 21 Global
  • Dave Jackson - Libsyn & School of Podcasting
  • Shell & Tell intro - Ed & Shelley
  • Fun Facts about alligators - from Myakka State Park visit
  • In search of a show sign off...still.
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Selling Sarasota
Welcome to Selling Sarasota Podcast! In every episode Shelley lays the smackdown on misinformation and delivers key insights into local real estate. Shelley Panas is a REALTOR® with Century 21 Beggins Enterprises in Sarasota, Florida.

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Shelley Panas

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Living in Paradise! After running a successful company in Colorado Springs I decided that although mountains are beautiful, it was time for beaches. I relocated to Florida and joined the highly successful team at CENTURY 21 Beggins Enterprises -- the #1 C21 in Florida! I love it here! There is always something new to experience. At the end of the day, it is so nice to hop on my bike and head to the beach. The feel of sand squishing between my toes, listening to the waves crash on the shore while watching the sun paint the sky beautiful shades of gold, red and purple as it set is the perfect way to end my day. So I ask, why just come visit when you can stay?

I believe there is something profound in owning a home. This is your personal place to dream big dreams, relax in comfort, and be with the ones you love. I became a REALTOR® to help people have a better life.

We started our podcast in 2018 after Ed spent most of 2017 developing ideas for launching a podcast, only he didn't like any of the show topics he was testing. To test his audio gear he started "interviewing" me about my work in real estate. Needless to say, these test recording sessions became very silly very quickly and that's we realized we had our show. Ed brings his technical expertise in web development and digital marketing to complement my skills and experience in real estate to the show.

Edward Panas

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I have been a huge fan of podcasts since before they were even called "podcasts"! I remember listening to talk radio shows as far back when I was a kid through my college years. My frustration was always with getting a good signal or catching my favorite shows when they aired. When "Internet radio" shows started in the early 90's I used to listen to streaming shows from college & public radio stations, but connection speeds were limited. When podcasting started in 2004 I knew this was going to be a significant change in audio entertainment. As my weekly listening time increased over the years my interest in starting my own show grew as well.

I started kicking around the idea of starting a podcast shortly after moving to Florida in 2014, so in 2017 I joined Florida Podcaster Association in Tampa and learned how I could start my own show. As Shelley mentions in her bio, my ideas all sucked. (She says it much nicer than this.) I either lost interest very quickly or the ideas were just plain bad. She agreed to work with me testing out my new gear and audio production skills talking about her work in real estate. We were having so much fun doing these practice recordings we realized that this was our show. After a few months of learning about audio production and working out our content plan, we launched Selling Sarasota Podcast at PodFest Multimedia Expo on February 9th, 2018!